Text Auto Sender Version 2.0

We at FreeRamble Technology Inc are excited to announce the release of our new and improved iPhone Text Auto Sender. With our new update we provide the ability to auto send international messages at a scheduled time, along with some UI changes and a few bug fixes.

With the Text Auto Sender, it is easy to prepare messages in advance so that they will automatically send. The Text Auto Sender is the best iPhone SMS app for small companies and entrepreneurs, as it provides the ability to easily prepare messages for your clients to remind them of appointments and promotions. Let’s say you own a hair salon and often notice people not showing up for appointments, with the Text Auto Sender it is easy to prepare iPhone Text messages to send reminders to your clients 30 minutes before their appointment.

It is also an excellent tool to provide notifications to your employees. If your employees have busy schedules with different appointments throughout the day, you can prepare messages to be sent throughout the day reminding them of their next appointment. You can also prepare messages to be sent to your entire staff at the same time, remind them of a team meeting. This is especially useful if you have people who may work remotely on your team.

It is also great for sending reminders about things such as safety regulations. You can prepare a message for your whole team, and have it sent out at a specific time throughout the day to remind them about things like using the proper equipment, safety regulations, or whatever else you may want to ensure they remember.

You can prepare the messages a few days in advance, to ensure you do not forget to send the messages yourself. Once the message is prepared, you do not have to worry about stopping whatever you are doing to send the message, as it will automatically be sent at the time you selected.

Even if your phone is off, dead, or without service, the message will still be sent on time. As this is done by storing the messages on our server, you must purchase credits before you are able to prepare messages to be automatically sent. The Text Auto Sender is the best iPhone text scheduler available through the Apple AppStore. You can download it by visiting the AppStore here. To learn more about the Text Auto Sender click here.

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