SMS Auto Sender

The Auto Sender V.3.0

We are excited to announce the release of our new and improved Auto Sender! For those who don’t know, the Auto Sender is an iOS app that allows you to schedule messages directly from your iPhone to send at a scheduled time. We have made some great new improvements we think will greatly enhance the app.

We have removed any date restriction on how far in advance you can schedule the messages. This means you can schedule text messages weeks, months, or even years in advance! You can spend a day preparing all your birthday and holiday messages in advance if you wish. The ability to prepare messages in advance also allows you to schedule reminders to send to any clients as the make appointments with you or your company.

Another great feature we have added is the ability to repeat messages monthly as well as weekly. With this feature you have the ability to prepare messages to send at a set time every month. This can allow you to send reminder such as monthly payment reminders to a set group of people every month. This can be very useful for people such as property managers who may want to send a text message every month reminding their tenants to send them their payment.

We also have added some other features to try and improve the user experience! We increased the amount of credits that you get with each bulk purchase, to further increase the value of the bulk packages! We changed the sign-up feature to include needing to verify the password by entering it twice, to ensure the password is entered correctly.

We have also added the ability to search through your contacts. Making it much easier to select multiple contacts, as you no longer have to worry about scrolling through all of your contacts. The search feature will allow the ability to search either through name, or by phone number. This is a great help for sending out messages to a group of people, as you can quickly and easily find and select all the intended contacts.


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