4 Ways to Increase Communication Within Your Team

When you are working within a team, communication is key. Without communication, a project that could be an easy task, can turn into a much longer, much more frustration task. Throughout this article, we will take a look at some great ways to reduce stress and increase productivity while working within a team!

1. Treat Everyone with Respect

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is one many people struggle with without knowing. This doesn’t just mean not being rude to your teammates (although that is a part of it), it includes ensuring everyone feels like they are being treated with respect and equally. Everyone should have equal opportunities.

2. Ensure Open Communication

To ensure everyone is able to contribute, you must ensure everyone feels comfortable suggesting ideas. If only one person in a group of six people is suggesting anything, you are missing valuable opinions and inputs. You should work to ensure everyone feels comfortable stating any ideas or opinions to the team without worrying about judgement.

3. Ensure everyone is clear on their roles

Within the team, you should ensure everyone is well aware of what tasks they are to handle. While it is good for team members to help each other out, or work together on tasks, one or a few people should not feel like they are carrying the entire team. This can ensure there is no feeling of resentment among the team members.

4. Find ways to increase efficiency

There can be many different ways you can increase efficiency among your team, especially with the use of technology. By using things such as a virtual receptionist you can free up resources for other tasks. You can also use apps that let you schedule messages that automatically will send at a set time.


If you are interested in a virtual receptionist that can handle calls for your company, check out our virtual receptionist at https://freeramble.ca/solutions.html#local. If you are interested in an app that will allow you to prepare and schedule messages to automatically send at a set time, check out the Auto Sender.

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