Top 6 iPhone Apps for Productivity

With the recent announcement of the new iPhone and the new iOS, Apple has been drawing a lot of attention. As such, I believe now is a great time to discuss some of the best apps I have used for productivity. Apps are very useful, they take an already great product and allow you to do so much more with it.

6. SleepCycleClose-Up Photography of Sleeping Tabby Cat

I have mentioned this app before in an article discussing the way technology can improve your life, but I feel it is worth mentioning again. This app lets you track your sleep, measuring how many hours of sleep you get each night. It goes beyond that even, showing you what times you woke up throughout the night, and how long you were in each sleep cycle stage. If you find you have trouble getting enough sleep at night, this app may be for you!


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Trello is a project management tool that will allow you to schedule tasks that must be done. It is easy to list the things you have to get done. It is also easy to collaborate with a group, and have multiple people within a project. This means that as people finish certain jobs, they can update the board so that other group members know. It is a great way to ensure you do not forget anything, and complete everything on time!


4. Teamviewer

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Teamviewer is an app that will let remotely control your computer from your phone. While of course this is not ideal, it can be very handle if you are in a pinch and really need to access your PC. For example, I have seen it been used before by someone who forgot to send themselves their  speech for their presentation that day. Luckily they had Teamviewer set up. They quickly were able to pull up their PC, send themselves their files, and print them off in time for the class.

3. Splitwise

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Splitwise is a finance app that allows you to add bills and charges into it. This is perfect for people with roomates. It allows you to create a group with all your roomates, add each cost in, and will then equally divided them. One person may pay utilities, another rent, a third internet, and the last may purchase groceries. Once you enter all of the charges in,and who payed for what, the app will do the rest. Through this method you can figure out exactly who owes who, and how much.



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If you work in an office with remote employees, you most likely already know and use slack on a regular basis. Slack allows you to communicate with your team through different channels. This means your marketing team may have a channel for their team and any questions, IT may have a different one, etc. This makes it easy to split up tasks and communicate with one another. You can also access this through a computer, but for on the go the app is very useful.

1. AutoSenderMan Wearing Black and White Formal Suit Jackets

Of course, the Auto Sender was going to be first on our list. The Auto Sender allows easily scheduling messages, that will then automatically send at that scheduled time. This is very useful for anyone looking to schedule reminders, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, etc. Through the app you can also create groups, to allow yourself to easily send a message to a subset of people(such as tenants or employees).

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