New Share Feature- Auto Sender

With the launch of our newest version of the Auto Sender, we are excited to announce several new features. With our new referral codes, you have the ability to earn free credits.

Share your code or phone number among your friends and family; and when they sign up with it you will both receive free credits. These credits can be used to schedule messages to send at any time in the future! At this time we have no limitations to how many free credits can be earned, so the more people you share the code with, the more free credits you can earn.

We have added a feature that will let you create templates out of messages that you have previously sent. This makes it easy to use the Auto Sender for purposes where you may have to send the same message multiple times to different people.

We are also adding several new language options through the app. With our newest update, we have expanded to include both Spanish and German. We will be offering the Auto Sender in several new countries, such as Mexico, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil,  and many more!



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