AutoSender Update – Local Reminders

In our newest update of AutoSender, we are excited to announce several new features. We are introducing a great new feature for those who are interested in testing the app, but are not yet ready to purchase credits. You are now able to set messages as notifications, rather then automatically sending. This also allows you to still remember to send a message, even when you are out of credits.

This means that you can schedule a message, and select the time you would like to send it, and when that time come around a notification will pop up on your screen letting you know it is time to send the message. This can be used for any sort of personal reminder, not just for sending messages!

Once you receive the notification to send the message, you can simply open the app and select the “Manually send message” optionĀ  and the message will the be created for the contact you selected, with the message you prepared. Then, all you have to do is click send!

We also plan on introducing a few new languages with the update. We will be introducing Japanese and arabic, and introducing the app to app stores worldwide!

If you are interested in trying out the AutoSender, you can click here to download it in the app store!

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