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AutoSender 6.0- Schedule Picture Messages

We are always striving to provide the next experience with the Autosender. With this newest update, we are excited to announce the release of version 6.0.

In this update, we have added the ability to schedule images as well as text messages! This means you can schedule any image to send at any specific time in the future. This allows you to schedule both an image and text, or just one of them.

To schedule an image to be sent, open the app and begin scheduling a message as you normally would. You should then see a paper clip icon on the right hand side. You should be able to click on that, and then choose if you want to use an image from your device or select a new one. Once you choose or take an image, you can then finish scheduling the message as normal.

This could be used for many different applications such as for scheduling directions and an image of map to be sent before an event, sending out promotions or offers to a client list at a specific time, or sending personalized images for birthday or holiday wishes!

These are of course just a few suggestions, the app can be used for many different personal and professional uses! If you would like to check out the app, you can download it through the App Store here.

If you are new to using AutoSender, read our how to guide for some helpful tips!

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