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How to Submit an App to Apple App Store

Anyone who has looked into submitting and iPhone App into the Apple App Store knows that it can seem like a very daunting experience. Luckily it is not near as complicated as it may first seem, you just have to take it step by step:

Step 1: Prepare App Information

The first and one of the most important steps is to organize all of your app’s information, and confirm that it follows all of Apple’s guideline. For more information on their guidelines you can check out the requirements here.

Step 2. Prepare Bundle Identifier

Once you have finished preparing all the app information, you can prepare the app name through the developers portal. It is recommended you follow the standard naming format: com.companyname.appname. You can then check any services the app will need, and then click submit.

Step 3: Create a Certificate Signing Request  

This step is easiest if you are working on a Mac, as you will want to open the program called “Keychain Access program” You should then be able to create a certificate by following these helpful steps.

Step 4. App Store Distribution Certificate

For this step you will once again need to open up the developer tool through Apple’s developer portal. Once logged in you should be able to create a Production certificate. You will include your Certificate request from the previous step. Once completed you can download and install the certificate.

Step 5: Create a Production Provisioning Profile.

Once again you will need to use the developers tool for this. Within the developers tool you should have a App Store Distribution option. You should be able to select your app Bundle ID and certificate you created in the earlier steps.

Step 6. Setup App store listing

You will now need to sign in through Apple Connect, and prepare your app store listing.You should be able to complete this by selecting the “+” icon in the top left, and then selecting “New iOS App”. You should then be able to select the Bundle ID you created earlier.

Step 7: Fill in version information and submit for review

Once finished of all the previous steps you should be able to update your version information, and submit to Apple for review. You can choose either to set it to Manual release, where after the app is accepted a release button will appear and you can release it whenever you would like. Or set it for Automatic release, where as soon as the app is approved, it will be released. If it is not approved you can review the reasons why in the Resolution Center.

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