Apples ipod touches new 2019

4 Reasons it’s Worth Considering an iPod Touch.

Many apple fans are confused after the exciting new announcement that Apple will be releasing a new iPod Touch after 4 years. As many people assumed they had decided to focus solely on the iPhone, but they must have felt their were still people who would prefer the iPod touch to an iPhone.

Although some people may already be excited and ready to order the new iPods, many others are going to question why would anyone even need an iPod now a days? Can’t an iPhone do everything an iPod can but more? Well today we are going to take a look at some scenarios when the iPod would work great!

Great for kids

Many parents don’t feel their child is responsible enough to own a phone yet, bur want them to get use to using technology. An iPod touch is great since it is much cheaper than an iPhone and children can’t build up large phone bills by accidently making to many calls or using to much data! Just make sure to sign into the appstore with your account and ensure they need your permission before being able to purchase any apps or in app purchases!

And that way if anything happens to the iOS device such as it getting smashed or lost… at least it didn’t cost as much as a brand new phone!

Perfect for Music

Women listening to music

Believe it or not many of us still use our phones to listen to music everyday. This can be a problem for anyone who a) Doesn’t have a dongle/hates the dongle or b) do not have a smart phone at all. Instead of purchasing an expensive iPhone and then only using it for the music feature, people will now have a cheaper option that will actually still have a headphone jack! That’s right, with an iPod you won’t have to worry about forgetting your dongle or wanting to listen to music while your phone is charging. You can simply plug it into the headphone jack!

Control your Smart home devices

Smart Google home SMS

If you have devices like smart lights, speakers or plugins you may be interested in getting an iPhone. You could use an iPhone as a controller to control all the different smart aspects of your house!

Cheap iOS device

Even people who own android or other cellphones may have reasons that they need to be able to use an iOS device. For example, an app developer or tester working on an iOS app but has an android phone most likely will not want to by a brand new iPhone just for app testing nor do they want an iPhone that’s several generations behind and may not work properly with their app. This way they can purchase an iPod Touch with the latest software to make sure their app is working as expected!

This is also just one example of why people could want a cheap iOS device, maybe they want to be able to facetime people or use certain apps only available in the iOS app store. No matter the reason, the iPod Touch allows people to test an iOS device cheaper. So even if you do not personally have a reason for an iPod Touch, don’t count it as a product failure before it even releases!

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