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What Changes to Expect with iOS 13

Since hearing the announcement of Apple’s latest software update many people have been asking if updating will be worth it. Since Apple has a history of releasing updates that slow down older devices many people are hesitant to go and update as soon as it is released.

We briefly talked about iOS 13 in our article covering the highlights of the WWDC keynote, but today we are going to take a more in depth look.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a rather minor change in this update, but one I have been waiting on for years! Dark mode is not complex by any means, it simply changes the theme of the phone to show a darker coloured screen. This can be much easier on the eyes at night, and it saves battery life! I also just like the look of Dark mode when offered for most apps.

Apps Will Launch Faster

According to Apple’s predictions iOS 13 should double how quick most apps open. This is potentially very exciting for those who have older iOS devices that find opening any app can take longer then expected. This could be a big reason people update, but how this will actually affect older devices is still to be seen.

Camera and Photos

With iOS 13 comes an update to both the camera and where the images are stored. An update to the camera will allow you to now control the intensity of the lighting in Portrait Lighting.

When viewing your taken photos you will now have the option to review them in a new curated view that shows you highlights from every day, month or even year! They will also be adding several new tools to help you further edit your photo to look exactly how you want!

New Video Editor

Apple has updated the photo editor so that the photo editing tool can now use the same editing features for videos! This is very exciting as it means we won’t have to use different editors to edit our videos from our photos, and it will mean only getting used to one system! This will be great for anyone who often posts videos on sites such as social media.


One improvement that a lot of people are excited about is in regards to consumers privacy while using the phone. Apple has always been known to protect their users information better than many other large companies. They are taking this even further in their latest update!

They have added a new feature that will allow the user to sign up for apps or sites using just your Apple login! They are also including a feature similar to some selling sites, where if you want to email the developers but don’t want them to have your email, they will generate a new address for you and send it from that. They will then forward the developers reply directly to you!

These updates listed above are just the updates I am most excited for. They are bringing in many other new features such as changes to messenger and emojis, improving Siri and maps, and even more! What feature are you most excited about?

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