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AutoSender Pro: Auto-Reply and Auto-Forwarding Features

AutoSender Pro is our iOS text scheduling app that allows you to schedule texts for any future date and time. We are constantly working on improving users experience with our app by adding new and useful features within our app. Our last big update we included the ability to send and receive messages through our private numbers, this week we are excited to announce our newest features: Auto-Reply and Auto-Forwarding. 


Our new Auto-Reply feature allows you to set up an automated reply that will be sent to specific contacts when they text you. To do so you simply subscribe to a virtual number, open the inbox in the upper left corner of the schedule page and then click “Auto-Reply” on the bottom left. Next select the contact(s) you want to receive the message, and type what you want the message to say. 

When the contacts you chose send you a message they will then receive the reply you set up.

This is great for setting away messages on your phone while you will be places like vacation, or travelling without your phone, etc. It will allow people to quickly find out where you are by receiving your automated reply.

We have also included the ability to set it to send auto-replies for a set period of time each day, for example you could have it set where it will send a message anytime you receive a text outside of your regular working hours saying you will get back to them on your next working day.

Auto-Reply is a great way for you to provide additional information to people trying to reach you when you know you won’t be able to answer your phone. 


Our second new and exciting feature is the ability to set up automatic forwarding of any message you receive. This allows you to select contact(s) that when you receive a message from them it will be forwarded to another set of contact(s) that you selected. 

To access this feature you must subscribe to a virtual number and click the inbox option in the upper left corner of the schedule page, and then click “Auto-Forwarding” from the bottom right. You will then be able to choose a time that you want the Auto-Forwarding to be on, or you can leave it blank and it will be on until you turn it off. 

You can then select the contacts you want to forward messages from, and the contacts you want the message to be forwarded to. This will then automatically forward any messages received by the first group to the second group. 

This is great for when for a large variety of different uses, for example if you are going to be on vacation you can have any requests that come in from your clients auto-forwarded to one of your co-workers so that they can handle any requests that come in. 

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We plan to continue improving our apps experience and if you have any suggestions or feedback you can always reach out to us through or by using our contact form. 

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