Using AutoSender when reopening Your Business

While in many parts of the world the Coronavirus is still a large and very serious threat, other places are starting to regain control and are starting the process of reopening. This can be a hard process for any business, but especially small businesses. 

AutoSender is a powerful app that allows you to schedule texts that will automatically send at any future date, or time. It is a perfect app for marketing, customer service, inner-communication, and much more. 

Marketing Tool 

Marketing with AutoSender

AutoSender is a great tool for marketing your company, which is very important after being closed for a long period of time. With AutoSender you can schedule your promotions or advertisements for months in advance, scheduling them to send exactly when you need them to.  

This is the perfect way to let customers know you are back open for business, as well as let them know any changes in safety regulations you have made to ensure everyone stays healthy! You can send out limited time advertisements or any other promotion you want your customers to see. 

Improve Customer Service 

Customer service using AutoSender

By using AutoSenders private number you are able to text customers through a private number that is exclusively yours until you end your subscription. This is a great way to follow up with customers, or answer any questions they may have about your reopening! 

By subscribing to a private number you get the option to set up automated messages where you can explain your team’s current handling of the reopening as well as provide your daily availability. Customers can easily text the number to automatically find out how your team is handling the situation and get some more information regarding your schedule.

Communicate with Your Team 

person using AutoSender to communicate with team members

It is also a great way to communicate with co-workers that may still be working remotely. By subscribing to a private number you can text with your co-workers, managers, or employees without having to use your personal number! 

If you are a manager then you can easily use AutoSender to schedule your employees schedules and set up communication with your team. 

Download AutoSender.

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