How to Use AutoSender

What is AutoSender?

AutoSender is our iOS and Android app that allows users to schedule messages that will automatically send at any future date or time. It is a powerful communication tool that can be used in both a professional or personal setting.

AutoSender uses a cloud service to process and store messages and contacts until they are ready to be sent. The server will then automatically send the message to the selected contacts at the time you chose. As there are costs associated with storing the messages on the server , there are in-app purchases for each message, with the ability to buy them in batches. We offer high reliability and on time delivery. 

How to Schedule Texts From a Cloud Number

schedule a delayed text from your iPhone or Android with AutoSender

AutoSender makes scheduling messages a simple and straightforward process: 

  • Open AutoSender on your android or iOS device
  • Ensure you have enough credits in your account for the message.
  • Click “Home” at the bottom left of your screen if you are not already there
  • Select the “Add” button. 
  • Enter the task name, the time and date you want it to send.
  • Select the contacts you would like to send the message to.
  • Type in the message you would like to send.
  • Click Schedule

How to Schedule Repeat Tasks

Schedule weekly, monthly, or daily messages with AutoSender

To use our repeat messages you can open the app and go to the schedule a message page as you normally would. Once you are on the schedule page: 

  • Select “Repeat” from the upper right corner of the scheduling page.
  • Click “Date” and you will be brought to a page where you can select Weekly or Monthly
    • If you choose the Weekly option you can choose the days you want the message to send, including every day if you want the message to be sent daily. 
    • If you choose Monthly you can then choose specific days of the months that the message will be sent out, meaning if you choose the 20th your message will be sent out on the 20th of each month. 
  • Once you select the days you want the message to send you can then click “Ok”, and continue scheduling the message like a regular message. 
    • The repeated message will be sent until you either cancel the task or run out of credits. 

How to Change your AutoSender Signature

A signature is what appears at the end of each scheduled message you send through a cloud number. A signature does not appear when a private number is used.

When you first sign up your signature will first show up as the username you used to create your account. However, you can change or remove your signature by:

  • While signed into AutoSender click on the “Settings” tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “Message Signature” option
  • You can now change your
  • Once you are satisfied with your signature click “OK”

Creating and Managing Groups

AutoSender allows you to create and manage different groups to make it easy to schedule messages to specific groups of contacts. For example, you may have one set up that includes all your friends, while another group is for your co-workers.

To create a group:

  • Select “Settings” in the bottom right corner of AutoSender
  • Click “Manage Group”
  • Select “Create Group”
  • Name the group
  • Click the “+” icon and select the contacts to be added to the group

To Mange a group:

  • Select “Settings” in the bottom right corner of AutoSender
  • Click “Manage Group”
  • Click the existing group
  • You can then change the group name or add/remove contacts from the group.

The Difference Between Subscriptions

We offer two different subscriptions that will enhance your experience using AutoSender. We offer both the Standard Subscription and the Private Number Subscription.

Standard Subscription

The Standard Subscription offers useful perks such as: 

  •  Purchased credits will not expire in the subscription period
  •  Get bonus credits every month (Usually 7/subscribed month but this can change depending on region)
  •  Higher quality-of-service for message delivery
  •  2 days response time for tech support
  •  Permanent cloud storage for sent message

Private Number Subscription

The Private Number Subscription allows you to subscribe to a private virtual number that is exclusively yours while you are subscribed. This unique private number can be used for incredible features such as: 

  • Send and receive texts through an in-app inbox
  • Set up automated text replies that will automatically send when you receive messages 
  • Set up automatic text forwarding to forward receive texts to one or more phone numbers

Setting up Automatic Replies

Our Auto-Reply feature allows users to set up an automated reply that will be sent to specific contacts when they send you a text. To set-up an automated reply you must:

  • Subscribe to a private number
  • On the homepage, open the inbox in the upper left corner
  • Select the “Auto-Reply” on the bottom left
  • Next select the contact(s) you want to receive the message
  • If you would like for the auto-reply to only happen during certain times (Ex. After business hours) you can select a beginning and ending time. 
  • Write what you want the message to say. 

Automatic Forwarding 

AutoSender also offers the ability to forward messages from a private number to any other number(s). This is perfect for forwarding messages to your co-workers or to your personal number. To set up automated forwarding:

  • Subscribe to a private number
  • Click the inbox icon in the upper left corner of the home page
  • Select the “Auto-Forward” on the bottom right
  • Next select the contact(s) whose messages you want forwarded when received by clicking the “+” button
  • Select the contacts you want to received the forwarded messages.
  • If you would like for the auto-reply to only happen during certain times (Ex. After business hours) you can select a beginning and ending time. 
AutoSender Signatures allow you to  include information regarding who is sending the text
Managing your Signature

What is the difference between AutoSender, AutoSender Pro, and Group Message?

AutoSender – Automatic Texting

SMS scheduler iPhone AutoSender now for android

AutoSender is a freemium app that allows the user to schedule messages to automatically send at any future time. You can download AutoSender for free however to schedule automated messages you must purchase credits.

AutoSender offers the ability to schedule up to 1 image per scheduled messages, and allows you to select as many contacts as you would like to send the messages to.

AutoSender Pro – Auto Messages

AutoSender Pro- Schedule eCards Logo

AutoSender Pro offers all of the same features as AutoSender with additional benefits. It can be purchased for 0.99 USD.

Pro Features

  • Professionally designed eCards
  • Attaching multiple images for scheduled messages
  • Quick text templates that allow you to quickly schedule messages through prebuilt templates

Group Message – Auto SMS & Email 

Group Text Logo

Group Message offers the ability to schedule email messages that will send automatically at any future date or time. It also offers the ability to schedule messages to send as a text. This means you can schedule one message that can be sent to a large list of clients using both phone numbers and email addresses.