Outbound dialer

The outbound dialer automatically dials the predefined phone number set and react according to the called parties’ behaviour. It offers a programmable service logic to treat customers differentially.


We offer outbound dialer product to call customers according to the pre-defined strategies.

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Highly customised logic
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Fast service online
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Seamless business expansion


Delivery Notice

Outbound dialer will send a voice notification to user's phone when his parcel is shipped home. This will improve the efficiency of couriers and improve experience of customers.

Marketing Outbound

We provide services to help marketing and sales representatives call their customer efficiently. Representatives can batch-import thousands of user numbers and call them one-by-one with a predefined audio prompt.

Client Review

Outbound dialer will call customers regularly to help company collect customer feedbacks and improve service quality. We offer a programmable service logic to treat customers differentially.

Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast subsystem is the efficient use of the Internet information channel broadcasting. The areas can cover notice management, industrial management and information management.

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