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Group Message is a powerful iPhone app that can be used for a large variety of different tasks. These range from being a great communication tool in both your personal and professional life to operating as a cost-efficient marketing platform.  

Group Message has similar functions as AutoSender but with new features and abilities that will enhance its capabilities. The one we are most excited about is the ability to schedule emails as well as texts and pictures. This will allow you to schedule emails to automatically send at any specific future date and time. This will allow you not only to be able to schedule an e-mail notice to someone, but to also be able to schedule a message that will send as both a text and as an email that will auto send at the exact time you would like. 

With the potential to schedule unlimited messages it is easy to schedule any important texts or emails to ensure they are not forgotten about. They can be scheduled to send to an individual or to as many contacts as you would like! Each scheduled email can be unlimited in length and contain up to 10 pictures. This can allow you to easily manage information between your team, your fleet, or your friends and family!

Enterprise Uses

Some great enterprise uses for the app include: 

  • Sending meeting notice, greeting cards, reminding and so on to your team members. Even the e-mail or calendar apps are the major means for these, for remote or diverse location team members you will find a timely notification is important.

Professional Uses

For professional it offers uses such as: 

  • Sending promotions or advertisements to your clients. With the ability to create different groups and schedule a message and as many images as you would like to send to these groups, the app works as an incredible Customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

  • Quickly reach out to clients to arrange or confirm meetings. With our preset text templates you can arrange a meeting with your customers in minutes!

  • Never worry about forgetting important deadlines as you can schedule your messages to to be sent at the exact moment you want it to be.

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Automatically sends messages
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User friendly interface
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Use Case

Easy to Use

Simple to Use

Group Message makes it simple to schedule emails, texts, and pictures that will send automatically at any future date or time. There is no need to worry about any complicated process, it is as simple as preparing your message, selecting your date / time and clicking “Schedule”. Once the message is scheduled you don’t need to worry about it. Even if your phone is off, dead or out of service, the message will auto send! It is the simplest way to remind friends and families of any important appointments

Powerful Team Communication Tool

Group Message is a unique app as it allows you to prepare one message and send it through both text and email. This is very useful for reaching out to a group of people, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. It can be used to send out a large work email to your entire team to improve your teamwork. This is especially useful for working with a virtual team that may span across several countries or continents and work in different time zones. Rather than interrupting your colleagues or employees sleep by sending them emails in the middle of the night, you can simply schedule the message to send for a more appropriate time. 
Flexible Usage

Marketing Potential 

As Group Message is capable of scheduling a message for large groups of both email and phone numbers. This makes it very useful for conducting marketing activities. For example, if you collect customers phone number and e-mail when they sign up for marketing promotions, you can easily schedule future promos and notices to send to them. With the ability to create groups of contacts you can even create different groups based on different markets. It is also a great CRM tool as it allows you to keep in touch with your customers and clients. 

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