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Intelligent Management

Cloud Call Center

Integrating the artificial intelligence technique with cloud call center will bring huge benefits to contact center business owners. It will tremendously reduce your agents’ workload and time spent on the phone. Under an AI assisted environment agents can get customer information and expected answers quickly and accurately, thus provide higher quality of service which lower cost.

We will help you set up the AI driven cloud call center according to your business demand. The solution can be tailored to cater for your business. Our solution will transform your business from a highly human-based industry into a new digital-oriental domain.

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Virtual Receptionist

If your company do not have budget to hire a full-time receptionist but still need tp present a professional image to your customers and partners, the Virtual Receptionist solution can help.

The Virtual Receptionist solution utilize the voice recognition and artificial intelligence technique to enable computer to interact with call-in parties. We will customized the solution features to match your office setup (local, single, remote or multi-site) to ensure the virtual receptionist behave as professional as a real human receptionist.

Further more, all call-in conversations can be recorded and stored permanently for future usage, which will help you remove the potential risk of missing some critical business calls, or when employees quit your copmany, the business contacts can still be kept.



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