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The AutoSender is an incredible texting app that allows the user to schedule a future text message that will then send automatically to the recipients at the time selected. The AutoSender can send  scheduled text or picture messages. Further more, using a self-picked virtual phone number (Private Number), you can get much more enhanced features. It is very simple and easy to use. 

With the potential to schedule unlimited messages it is easy to schedule any important texts or emails to ensure they are not forgotten about. They can be scheduled to send to an individual or to as many contacts as you would like! Each scheduled text message can be unlimited in length. This can allow you to easily manage information between your team, your fleet, or your friends and family!

Widely Uses

Some great potential personal uses for the app include, but not limited to,

  • Subscribe for an virtual number in United States or Canada (Private Number) bundling with your Apple ID, Gmail or device phone number for automatic or manual text messages. It hides your personal contact information in communication. It works anywhere in the world and no international roaming cost and no rely on iMessage. 

  • If you are in love with someone, and want to send romantic texts or e-cards to express your feelings repeatedly, this will be the perfect phone messaging bombing tool to touch her/his heart.

  • The Private Number can receive SMS verification code for free, no matter they are sent from normal phone number or short numbers. It works with online services such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, INS, online banking, and whatever apps requires an US/Canadian mobile number for SMS verification.

  • It can be setup to remotely remind patients to take medicines, take medical check, go to a doctor appointment, and so on;

  • It can be used for scheduled text messages for your employees, customers, or partners in-work, such as Zoom meetings, putting orders, good delivery notifications, information distribution, and so on.

  • Sales people can use the app as a personal marketing tool to automate the mass texting of coupons or marketing messsages.

  • You can schedule the birthday or festival greetings all-in-once;

  • Shared Line: Login to multiple iOS devices with the same AutoSender (or AutoSender Pro) account, a group of people in different locations can use the same Virtual Number as the single communicate phone line with outsiders, which is a perfect solution for small businesses.

  • Text auto-reply, text auto-reply-all and auto forwarding over the private number.

Private Number 

AutoSender now offers the ability to subscribe to your own Private Number! Once you subscribe for a Private Number you will be able enter a favorite area code and choose your preferred phone number from a number pool. With the Private Number you will be able to send and receive messages over that, and will get the auto reply and auto forwarding features.

Many Internet services or apps need to send a SMS verification code to an US or Canadian mobile phone number when registering online. AutoSender's in-app Private Number can be used for such purposes.  

Learn more about our private numbers here

If you have any questions regarding our subscription feature, please contact us at so we can assist you. 

In case you don't like Google Play Store, you can download the Android APK directly by clicking below.


Auto SMS Android


Schedule messages
Schedule delayed messages
Automatically sends messages
Automatically sends messages
User friendly interface
User friendly interface
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Set repeat messages

Use Case

Easy to Use

Simple to Use

AutoSender is an easy to use text messenger app that allows you to quickly schedule messages to automatically send at any future date. This is very convenient for anyone who often finds them self-forgetting to send important message for any time sensitive situation. It can also be a great app for parents to use as a kids messenger as it can allow you to send reminders throughout the day, so they do not risk forgetting anything important. This could be used for reminding them things such as not forgetting to eat their lunch, not forgetting any homework they might have after school, etc. It also offers a simple UI that makes it accessible for people of all ages.

Reliable Delivery

The AutoSender offers 99.99% reliable and on-time delivery for your important messages. We store the messages on a cloud-based server until it is time for them to be sent. The server then sends the delayed text message automatically to the recipient chosen, this means even if your phone is off the message will still send. You can purchase credits to send scheduled text & picture messages through the in-app store purchases or earn free credits by referring your friends to install and sign up for AutoSender, as you will both get free credits. If you do not feel like purchasing credits, you can use our free local remind feature to receive a reminder on your phone when it is time to send your SMS or MMS. 
Flexible Usage

Incredible Variety of Uses 

You can use the AutoSender for personal usage such as a remote reminder for notifying or reminding your children, scheduling greetings for events like birthday, holidays and other important dates, or even something as simple as sending your significant other a romantic good morning message. It can also be great for business with the ability to create a group of contacts and send them all an individual message at the same future time, reminding clients of meetings, or ensuring you send any reports on time. With our feature to schedule picture messages as well as regular text messages, you can send even more personalized reminders/messages. 

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