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Virtual Number

AutoSender app and AutoSender Pro app provide virtual number messaging function, which can be used to send and receive SMS and MMS on Virtual Numbers. 

What is a Virtual Number

The virtual numbers are not actually quite "virtual". They are all valid PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephone numbers that comply with the E.164 specification (recommended by the ITU-T International Telecommunication Union). These phone numbers are assigned to a specific telecom operator, and then obtained by the network API called by the backend of the AutoSender(Pro) app, and bound to the User ID used when each user logs in. SMS and MMS sent from these virtual numbers can be received by mobile phones of all operators in the world. At the same time, they can also receive text messages sent by other mobile phone numbers. These virtual numbers are essentially the same as the mobile phone numbers of the SIM card on your mobile device, except that they are not bound to a physical SIM card, but are bound to the account of the AutoSender(Pro) app. 

Since these virtual numbers and the SMS/MMS they send and receive are not visible on the iMessage (iOS) app or Message app (Android) that comes with the phone, you must enter the AutoSender (Pro) App, which has a certain degree of privacy, and each of them can be used by only one user account, thus we call them "Private Numbers". 

Get a Virtual Number

Subscribe in the AutoSender or AutoSender Pro app to get a virtual number. Please note that our company is only authorized to provide phone numbers for the United States and Canada, that is, phone numbers with country code +1. You can enter the three-digit area code of the United States or Canada to select a number in a specific area. If there is no number to choose in that area code, please enter the area code of the neighboring area to try. 

Sending and receiving SMS and MMS

The AutoSender (Pro) app can send SMS from cloud numbers or Private Numbers (Virtual Numbers) to any valid mobile phone number in the world, and send MMS to any valid mobile phone number in the United States and Canada. If users unsubscribe for a Private Number, all sending tasks will use cloud number to send automatically. The received messages will become invisible until the user re-subscribe a new number again. 

If you subscribe to a Private Number, you can receive text messages for free.

Virtual Number for Short Number SMS

Almost all Internet online services, such as online banking, Google, Apple, Facebook, WhatsApp... all use SMS verification codes for user verification during registration. The SMS verification code is sent from a short number. The virtual number of the AutoSender (Pro) app supports receiving short number text messages, and it cann also automatically forward short number text messages to other phone numbers.


Schedule messages
Low cost
Automatically sends messages
Reliable message delivery
User friendly interface
Security and privacy
Set repeat messages
Works on any device

Use Cases

Easy to Use

Improve Message Delivery Successful Rate

The receiving party's mobile carriers may block messages from certain numbers due to some improper message content. Cloud numbers are shared by hundreds of thousands of users, and the improper content of some users may affect the use of others. The Private Number does not have this problem because it is only used by one user, which can remove the impact from others.

Hide Real Numbers

Your real number may be used for work, family, private friends and other purposes. Exposing real numbers to public or unknown people may cause unnecessary spam calls or messages, or other trouble in life. Using a Virtual Number to hide your real number but still keep communication with others in a reliable way.
Flexible Usage

Value-added Services for Messages

Using real numbers from your mobile carrier will bring some paid value-added services, such as calls auto forwarding. When you subscribe for a Private Number in AutoSender, these value-added services such as SMS auto-reply and SMS auto-forward are included. You only need to ensure enough credits are in balance when setting up automatically forwarding and replying messages.

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