We provide the out-of-box products in below. Our customer support team will help you on the customization work and ensure your satisfaction. With our cloud architecture, more features can be delivered to customers rapidly with fast evolutions.


The AutoSender allows you to pick a date and time to schedule a text message that will be sent automatically to the contacts of your choosing at the scheduled time. You can schedule texts to be sent days, weeks, months, and even years in advanced. You can set the message to send as a one-time event, or you can have it reoccur at a set time. It is so easy to used and can be used as messenger for kids.

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Inbound Call Center

The cloud-based inbound call center product offers ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and chat server. It strictly obeys the PCI DSS standard. Its service quality is guaranteed by leading public cloud provider, offering high performance and high accessibility all over the world...

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Smart IVR

The Smart IVR provides a cloud-based Interactive Voice Response that allows the artificial intelligence engine to automatic response to human voice or DTMF tones through keypad...

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