Top Changes People Want From the New iPhones

iPhones are currently the most popular phones available, with a large percent of the population using them. But, not everyone is satisfied with their current builds and features. We are going to take a look at some of the most wanted iPhone features

Longer battery life

We all know how much of an inconcvience it is when your phone dies in the middle of the day. It makes it hard to contact anyone, so if you already have plans or any emergencies while your phone die it can mean trouble! It would be very nice if we had a phone that could last several days before die. The older generations of phones are even worse for this, with many peoples old phones dying while still at 10%-2%. If apple focused more on battery life, more people would be willing to pay for the phones.

Scratch/Shatter Proof Screens

Nothing can ruin an iPhone like a hard drop. Even a small drop if it lands the wrong way can be detrimental to your phone screen. If it doesn’t completely shatter, there is a good chance that the phone will at least have some scratches or cracks through the screen. If Apple made some design changes to their phone and implement a stronger, more durable phone, it would go a long way in providing the best experience for the user. There are always case and screen protectors but I think most of us can agree, that a uncased iPhone is much more beautiful than a cased phone, but often times not worth the risk.

Schedule Messages 

People have been requesting the ability to schedule messages on iPhone through the native messaging app for years. It would allow people the ability to schedule a time, select a contact,  this service, we do. If you would like to schedule messages check out the AutoSender to easily schedule messages, and have them automatically send to as many contacts as you would like!

Dark Mode

Having an option to turn “Dark Mode” or otherwise called “ Night Mode” is becoming more and more popular with apps and website, with companies like YouTube and Reddit adding “Dark Mode” options on their mobile apps. If Apple was able to add this feature for their entire iOS, it would very convenient for browsing your phone at night!

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