iPhones and Androids

Why Apple Users Choose Apple

One big debate of our time between people is “iPhone or Android?”. With many people fully committed to the OS they chose. This made me wonder why do Apple fans prefer iPhones over Android? Obviously because they are “Apple fans”, but why are they Apple fans? Is there more reason rather than blind loyalty at this time? I have talked to a fair amount of friends and family, and did research online; and these are the top reasons people choose Apple

They feel Apple protects their privacy more

Apple has been known to always respect their users privacy and have even denied unlocking an iPhone for the FBI in the past. In a time where everyone is selling our information, this gives people a huge amount of trust towards Apple. This may have been hurt by the recent bug found through Group Facetime calls that allowed other users to listen in without you knowing.

They find them easier to use.

Many people find the simplicity of the iPhone much more user friendly then some of the android themes. As Apple sets reasonable limitations as to what the user can and cannot do it is easier for the user to find what they are looking for. It is also easier for people who have been using iPhones to get another one since they are already use to the general look and feel of iOS.

They prefer the look of the iPhone

Plain and simple some people prefer the sleek designs of the iPhones. Apple has always advertised their iPhones as premium devices, and this has left a long lasting impression on a large portion of the population. Owning a new iPhone is also a status thing for many people.

Compatibility with other devices

When you are buying a new phone, it makes sense to buy a phone that is compatible with all your other devices. So if you own other apple devices like a  Macbook, or Apple TV, you are unlikely to want to purchase a phone that may have trouble connecting to these devices.

These are of course only a few of the reasons Apple users prefer iPhones, everyone has their own preferences and reasons. If you have any other reasons you prefer an iPhone, feel free to comment below!

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