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AutoSender 7 – V.I.P Benefits

With the exciting release of our latest version of AutoSender we are thrilled to announce our latest feature. We have added a subscription option as well as the option to purchase credits. This means that if you would like you can subscribe on a monthly basis you can receive the following V.I.P benefits:

Your purchased credits will not expire as long as you remain subscribed.

While you are a subscribed member you will never have to worry about losing purchased credits if you do not have a chance to use them. They will stay in your account as long as they are not used and you are still subscribed.

Bonus Credits

Earn additional credits each month just for being subscribed! At the start of each month you will be rewarded with the bonus credits. This will allow you to schedule additional messages to automatically send. These credits can be used for any scheduled messages.

Premium message delivery channel to ensure top quality service.

We will ensure your messages have top priority to ensure they are sent out at the exact time you scheduled them for.

Guaranteed tech support response within 2 business days.

If you have any problems, concerns, or issues you can contact us at and we will respond within 48 hours. You can also submit a ticket through our support page.

Permanent cloud storage of all sent messages

You can keep track of all the messages you sent for as many messages as you would like while subscribed. We store all sent messages on our cloud server so you do not have to worry about them taking up room on your device. This lets you go back at any point to check what you have sent, or reuse any message template you would like!

If you would like to subscribe or learn more about our new subscription feature click here.

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