Smart IVR

The Smart IVR provides a cloud-based Interactive Voice Response using the artificial intelligence engine to automatic response to human voice or DTMF tones through keypad.


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Real-time dynamic analysis
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Automatic response
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Data encryption security

Usage Case

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AI Application

A public school utilizes Smart IVR to serve students and parents for leave application. When students or parents call into the school service number, their phone number will be recognized by the Smart IVR. Smart IVR will ask them to pick up the day to apply for leave. After DTMF tones keyed in or spoken, the Smart IVR automatically mark the student’s name and leave day in database, and play voice to get confirmation to the caller.
The whole process does not need any people intervention.

Virtual Receptionist

A company can use Smart IVR to fully replace human receptionist. Smart IVR pick-up the incoming phone calls, automatically recognize the employee name spoken by calling person, then the AI powered voice recognition engine will take corresponding actions such as forwarding the call to the employee number, record a message/email or page the employee for calling back. Further more, it can also take other actions such as triggering an
order placement, book hotels and tickets, and on. We will tailor it for you.
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You Say

Thanks to the cloud technique our Smart IVR can handle unlimited volume of calls with fast reaction speed. The IVR logic is fully integrated with AI engine to react to users’ nature language recognition. Unlike the traditional IVR machine that only offers the pre-defined response, our Smart IVR providesthe AI generated response.
Once finished registration our representative will contact you to listen to your demands, and design the IVR to fit your need. You may reduce many human agent cost and rely on our AI powered IVR to serve your customers.

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