The Text Auto Sender

Everybody has had those moments where life gets busy, and you realized you forgot to wish someone a happy birthday, or send a holiday greeting. With our new app that was released through the Apple App Store, the Text Auto Sender, you can schedule a Text you would like to be sent at any point throughout the week.

You can prepare a holiday greeting during the upcoming week, schedule the exact time you want to send it, and send it to as many people on your contact list as you would like. The text will automatically send to all the people you select. You will not have to worry about going through your contact list and trying to remember to send a greeting one by one. You can also prepare messages that you need to send later in the day if your phone is almost dead, and be assured that the message will Send At the needed time.

Of course, the use of this app goes much deeper than just personal usage. With the ability to set a timer, and have an entire contact list sent a message, there is plenty of professional usage as well. Ranging from something as simple to have a one time message sent to your staff to remind them about a meeting right before it happens, to have a time sensitive promotion sent out to all of your clients as soon as the promotion begins.

It uses a cloud service to process and store messages and contacts until they are ready to be sent. The server will then automatically sends the message to the selected contacts at the time you chose. As there are costs associated with storing the messages on the server , there are in-app purchase for each message, with the ability to buy them in batches. With a success rate of 99.99% we offer high reliability and on time delivery. 

The usage of Text Auto Sender is as unlimited as your imagination. With such a variety of different potential usages it is up to you to decide how you would like to use it. The potential for personal, professional, marketing, and many other uses are Incredible.

You can download the app on your iPhone through the iOS app store by clicking:  Https:// .

To learn more about the Text Auto Sender you can visit

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