How Virtual Reality is Shaping our World

Virtual reality is a growing industry in our society. Technology is continuously increasing, and VR is becoming more readily used by companies and individuals. New uses are still being discovered. There are already plenty of great uses for Virtual Reality, such as:


By United States Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One important thing that VR is being used for more often is to assist people with different types of training. Medical students are using VR equipment to stimulate real operations to provide training in  hands on scenarios, without it being a real emergency. It can also be used for training for other occupations, such as pilots. Pilots can use VR technology to immerse themselves during a test flight simulation. Virtual reality also has use in the military, with the ability to simulate real combat on land, air and sea it allows troops to be better prepared for a real situation.



Another growing use for VR is within education. With the ability to present material and information in a more creative and interesting way. Virtual reality can help show people a different way of learning. For something such as taking a tour of the inside of the human body, to help students learn anatomy. To portray things such as a different time period to a history student.


By Daniel Benavides from Austin, TX (IMG_3692) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, one of the most common use of virtual reality it for entertainment. With a fast growing market for virtual reality in gaming, more companies are focusing on producing their games in virtual reality, so that people can get fully immersed in it. Another growing industry is for movies. With the ability to fully immerse yourself into a movie, people are trying to get the chance to experience a movie in VR. Recently, a virtual reality theme park opened up in China, to help people learn what VR can offer, and to enjoy themselves while doing it.Traveling


Traveling is something many people enjoy doing, and would love to do more of, but cannot afford it or cannot take the time off to go. With virtual tours, people can experience some of the wonders around the world, from the comfort of their own house. While this may not be as exciting as actually being there, it is a way for people to have a chance to experience something they otherwise may never have the chance to.

Virtual reality is still a fairly new technology at this point, so it is still rather expensive for personal use.  Prices are likely to drop with newer and cheaper technology being created.

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