5 Ways Technology can Improve your Life

Technology is an always improving with new and amazing things being created every day. Many of these technologies can offer great things for both your professional and personal life. It can help increase communication and increase efficiency. When technology plays an important role of your business or life, it is important to ensure you are working with the best technology for your needs.

 1. Virtual Receptionist 

Virtual Receptionist

We talked about about what a virtual receptionist can offer in one of our earlier articles, but as they can be extremely useful they are worth mention again for anyone who may have missed it. The virtual receptionist will handle incoming calls for your company. This is great for a company that may be too small to justify hiring a full time receptionist. They provide great service for anyone calling in, and can help give your business a more professional feel.

2. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is starting to play a much larger role in our society. Many people are already wearing some sort of smartwatch, fitness tracker, or even smart shoes!

The best smart shoes that I have seen available are by AISportage.

Smart ShoesThese shoes come with an built in AI chip that tracks your performance. They offer tracking for things such as the distance traveled, steps taken and even your calories burned. These shoes even offer information on things such as where you are putting the most pressure on your foot with each step. They are great for anyone interested in running, as they can help you track and improve your running technique. You can check the shoes out here.

3. Smartphone Apps 

Sleep Cycle

Since many of us already own smartphones of some sort, it is very important to know what apps are out there. There are many free apps that would allow someone to improve their quality of life. There are many apps that can save you time from your day to day tasks. Some of them would allow you to keep better track of your day, and your time.

One great app I’ve used is called sleep cycle. This app tracks your sleep schedule and shows a graph of your night, and the periods of deep sleep. This is very useful for anyone interested in measuring their sleep each night, as it is a free and easy way to keep track of each night.

Another great way to save time is through scheduling any important messages in the future. With AutoSender, you can schedule messages for any point in the future. This is great for scheduling birthday messages or holiday greetings. It is also useful in a professional setting, by allowing you to schedule reminders to clients about appointments or payments. We offer AutoSender on iOS as well as AutoSender on Android. 

4. Research

A wealth of information is at our fingertips almost every day. Smartphones, tablets, computers, or anything with an internet can access information on almost any topic. This means that many things can be learned on the internet that can make your life much easier. Learning skills like how to fix certain things around your house or your car can end up saving you money as well. It also provides the ability to research any product before purchasing. Thanks to online reviews you can ensure any product is up to the quality you are looking for before purchasing.

5. Content Creation 

Home Recording StudioThrough the help of technology content creation and content sharing has seen an extreme increase in both popularity and success. Years ago, when you wanted to create something like a music album, you would have to spend a large amount of money to prepare one. In today’s world, it is much easier to create something such as an album while on a budget. Due to many methods of creating and recording music it can be done by almost anyone with the passion to do so.

Of course music is just one example of how technology has assisted content creation. Another industry that was significantly impacted by technology was art. While many people not have the money or resources to start something such as painting or sculpting, they can still explore their creative side by creating digital art. Not only is digital art a cost effective way to create art if you already own a computer or laptop; but the access to the internet makes sharing your art much easier.

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