4 iPhone Cases That are Worth Getting

As someone who is known to have a habit of accidently dropping phones (and everything else), a protective case is very important to my phone. While I know the phone never looks as nice and shiny when it is in a case, but they can be the difference between paying several hundred dollars to repair your screen or just being able to shrug drops off.


OtterBox for iPhone X

Otterboxes were very popular a few years ago as they offer complete protection of your phone. They offered full body cases that included they or more pieces. They are incredibly well padded and I never felt worry when my phone would slip from my hands. They also offer a life guarantee where if something happens to your case, all you have to do is take pictures of your case and send it off to them. They will then send you a new case for your phone!

Wallet Case

If you are anything like it can become very bothersome carrying around your wallet with you everywhere you go. So if you get a phone case that has additional slots in the back for things such as debit/credit cards, license, or cash you no longer have to worry about forgetting your wallet, you just have to remember your phone! Just make sure you don’t lose it, because then you will lose your phone and all your cards/money!

Lifeproof FRĒ case

Life Proof iPhone Case

If you are on the search for an phone case that is able to offer the best protection against water, this may be the case for you. Offering a IP-68 rating this case can handle being submerged in water up to 2 meters for about an hour without damage. It is also offers sturdy protection against drops. This case is perfect for anyone who takes their phone outside while doing water or snow related activities!

Charging Cases

Newer cases focus on more then just offering protection, they try to enhance your phone. Charging cases allow you to pre-charge them so that when your phone is dying, they can start charging your phone. This can be extremely handy for anyone who finds their phone is always dead before the end of the day, and is especially helpful for people who often travel.

So if you do not currently have a case on your phone, take a minute to reconsider if you would like to buy a case for it. Remember that the case you put on it may make the difference smashing your screens phone or not.

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