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SMS vs Email Marketing

Anyone who has done marketing before should understand the importance of the platform you market yourself or your company on. For now we are going to ignore things such as social media and instead focus on two of the most common methods to directly reach as many users as you would like, text messages and emails.

Both of these marketing methods use the same techniques, message bulk quantities of people to gain interest in a product, feature, or article. The main difference of course being that with SMS messages people will be receiving the ads as text messages instead of as emails.

Which one is the better choice?

Personally I would say SMS advertisements are much more effective. As almost all adults have their phones within arms reach for the majority of each day, they will receive the message right when when you want them to, rather than them waiting 4 days to open the email you sent about a deal that is already over.

Text messages are also much more likely to be taken personally rather than emails. Spam emails have been around for a while now and many people recieve 100s of spam email a week, so a lot of them are tired of seeing ads in their email. Not only that, but a large majority of emails that get sent out never reach the recipient due to things like being blocked by a spam filter.

With this being said that does not mean email marketing is not worth doing as well. It is a huge industry and many companies report great success through it. But as spam filters get better, and people grow even more tired of spam emails it may start reporting less results, so I would recommend focusing more of your marketing effort on SMS/MMS marketing.

Best SMS Marketing Tool?

One very powerful tool for text marketing is our AutoSender for iPhone. It allows you to:

  • Schedule bulk text messages to be sent automatically at any future date or time.
  • Create campaign target groups of as many contacts as you would like to quickly schedule messages to send to everyone in the group.
  • Schedule pictures or ad posters to send at critical times such as right before a big sale happens.

Feel free to download AutoSender from the apple app store or learn more through our AutoSender SMS page. If you need any assistance or have any questions about how AutoSender works, feel free to contact us.

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