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4 Best apps for growing your company

When you are starting a new company it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that you need to complete. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best apps you can download to help get your company up and running.


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Hootsuite is an easy to use social media tool that allows you to schedule posts to automatically update your social media page. As social media is where many businesses get a large amount of their traffic, it is an important part of most businesses.

Scheduling social media posts can be incredibly useful for posting at times when you would not usually, such as weekends and evenings. HootSuite is very easy to use and the basic features can be used on a free plan!


Spark is a free to use tool that allows you to create the perfect social media posts for your social media accounts. It lets you select a format such as pinterest post, instagram post, etc, and then use a variety of tools to create the picture however you would like. Once you create a picture for one social media, spark gives you the option to simply change the size and reformat the post for a different social site.

Spark is easy enough to use that even without any photo editing experience someone could pick it up and create a post exactly how they would like. This is the perfect tool to go hand in hand with HootSuite, as together you can create and schedule your social media posts exactly how you want!

AutoSender Pro

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AutoSender Pro is our text scheduling app that allows users to schedule a text for any future date or time. This is perfect for new entrepreneurs that find themselves forgetting to send important time sensitive messages such as meeting reminders and well wishes.

You can also schedule eCards to automatically send. This is great for sending holiday or birthday wishes to clients, coworkers or employees!


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Depending on the industry you are in, connections may make or break your company. With Linkedin, you can connect to a large range of professionals that you can connect with. This can help you grow your clients, suppliers, and even employees!

This is a great way to reach out to other companies regarding collaborating with them.

Try these apps to help grow your business! If you stick with it and use these apps, you should swiftly find your followers growing.

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