Best apps for travel

Top 4 Apps for Travelling

With winter finally coming to an end, many of us are already planning our trips for the summer. While planning there it something that can often be overlooked that is very important: What are the best iPhone apps for going on a trip.

1. Google Maps

Yes this might seem very obvious to many of us but it might surprise you how many people I know that don’t have any type of map app on their phone, or if they do they don’t know how to use it. So if you do not have Google Maps downloaded or are not familiar with using it, download it and spend some time playing around with it. The worst time to try and download and learn something like Google Maps is when you need it.

I would also advise trying to download the map areas to anywhere you think you may be going so that even without wifi or a signal you will be able to ensure you know where you are going!

2. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is an app that allows you find out where the closest gas station is, and what the cost is. This is very useful for figuring out where the most convenient, cheapest gas station is for your road trip! It will also notify you when prices of gas are expected to increase so you can purchase some in advance.

3. AllTrails

For people who enjoy hiking a great app is called AllTrails. It lets you see maps of hiking trails that are closest to you and gives the difficulty of each trail. People can leave comments and reviews stating how their recent trips went, so you can stay up to date with the quality of the trails! You can also record when you go hiking to record things like how far you went, the route you took, and the time it took you to walk it!

4. AutoSender Pro

AutoSender Pro- Schedule eCards Logo

When traveling AutoSender or AutoSender Pro can be extremely convenient to use! If you are going on vacation for a bit and do not have to worry about sending holiday/birthday texts while you are gone you can simply schedule the texts or eCards before even leaving for your trip! Then when the special day rolls around the text will automatically send.

It is also great for reminding family and friends of appointments or to check on things while you are away as once the text is scheduled you can just forget about it!

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