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Group Message – Schedule emails or texts

We are very excited to announce the release of the newest app we have been developing: Group Message! It is available through the iOS app store worldwide!

Group MEssage is similar to AutoSender in the sense that you are able to schedule texts and picture messages. But we have gone above and beyond that and also added the ability to schedule emails that can be auto-sent at any future date! This is perfect for things such as scheduling email promotions or reminders! 

It can be used for a range of different things, from broadcasting birthday or holiday invitations to scheduling meeting reminders. It is a great way to reach out to your employees or co-workers about important work information.

It allows you to schedule emails so that they send exactly when you want them to. If you work with a remote team then group text may be perfect for your company as it allows you to easily communicate with your team even if you are in different time zones!  

With the ability to schedule as many characters per email as you would like and up to 10 images there are many different options that Group text provides. It works brilliantly for scheduling things like texts, sms or emails.

It is also allows you to easily schedule a message that will be sent to a group of contacts that can include both emails and phone numbers. This is very useful for anyone who has a large list of clients that they need to reach out to! 

Once you create a “group” of contacts you can then easily schedule messages to that entire contact list by selecting your created group. This makes it easy to set up seperate groups of contacts for different groups of people!

GroupTextBot is not only a very powerful marketing tool, it is also a great communication tool!

If you have any questions about GroupText or AutoSender, please send us a message through out support page!

If you want to try GroupTextBot you can download here!

If you want to try AutoSender check it out here!

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