Staying Physically and mentally healthy

Using Apps to Help Improve your Mental and Physical Health

Between balancing work and personal life many people have very little time left to worry about their physical and mental health. As these are both directly related to your mood and efficiency it is often best to focus more time on yourself if you find you are getting burnt out.

This can be tricky for many people, but luckily there are many different mobile apps that can make it a little easier. Let’s take a look at some of the top apps for mental and physical health!

1. SleepCycle. 

SleepCycle App

I have talked about sleep cycle in previous posts but honestly getting a full night sleep is one of the most important parts of feeling healthy. Sleep Cycle can help you measure how long you slept for and the quality of the sleep you got. There are many other apps out there that can offer similar features and if you own a fitbit or a smartwatch you most likely can even get more accurate results through their apps. However sleep cycle is a good starting point as it is free and easy to use, and you simply set it up near your bed when your sleeping! 

2. Calm 

Calm App Logo

If you often find yourself getting worked up or feel in a constant state of anxiety, it may be time to take a moment and breath. The calm app focuses on breathing, sleep, meditation and relaxation. It guides you through meditation and breathing activities that can help you regain a feeling of control.

Even if you have no experience with meditation this app is perfect to start. Even spending just a few minutes everyday can have a large impact on your stress level. 

3. Fooducate

Fooducate logo

What you put in your body is obviously very important and had a direct effect on how well you feel. If you are constantly eating unhealthy food you are going to feel weaker, slower, and less energetic. However the problem is many of us don’t know enough about nutrition to fully understand what we are buying at the stores. Fooducate makes it easy to scan barcodes of different products and find out all the nutritional information! This is very useful for meal planning and maintaining only

4. Charity Miles 

Charity Miles logo

Exercising properly is another very important aspect of both mental and physical health. Unfortunately most of often find ourselves lacking the motivation that is needed to get up and go for a run or exercise appropriately.  The app charity miles allows you to select the charity of your choice and then every time you run,walk, or bike a mile sponsors will donate directly to that charity! This is not only a great way to motivate yourself to go for a run but you can also help other people while you do it!  

These are just a few of the apps that are available through the app store. There are many different apps that offer similar features that will work just as well! What is important is finding what works for you, and sticking with it! 

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