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Group Message – Auto SMS&Email Advantages

After our exciting announcement of our latest app Group Messages last week, we are going to look at some potential uses for the email scheduler!

Auto Group text is an extremely powerful email and sms scheduler that is capable of many different tasks. We are going to look at three of its main specialties; professional communication, personal communication, and marketing. 

GroupTextBot Automated Scheduler page

Professional communication

This allows the user to prepare messages that will send as both an e-mail and as a text message. This can come in handy for reaching out to your co-workers, employees, or boss!

If you work as part of a virtual team that does not all work in one location, then grouptextbot is the best way to ensure you are communicating with them during appropriate time rather than emailing them in the middle of the night. Some other professional usage includes: 

-Schedule employees schedules to send to both phone numbers and emails 

-Powerful customer relationship management tool (CRM tool) for reaching out to customers after they make a purchase to follow up with how satisfied they are.

-Broadcast email reminders for meetings, appointments and more! 

-Fitness trainers can schedule messages to clients regardings things like fitness goals, motivation texts, etc. 

-Manage your fleets schedule and communicate any updates easily with them.

Personal Communication

This auto email scheduler is an amazing way to keep in contact with friends and family! Some examples include:

-Schedule holiday wishes that will autosend, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send them.

-Prepare birthday emails and texts months in advance!

-Easily prepare party invites to be sent out to a large group of contacts.


Group Message is a cost-efficient marketing platform that can be used to deliver marketing promotions to a large group of contacts at a specific time. Some potential uses for the group messenger include: 

-Prepare marketing groups using the “group feature”. This allows you to separate different market segments. 

– Schedule automated email promotions that will send at the most impactful time. (Ex. Right before a sale or a lunch rush). 

– Send out timed emails to potential clients to send as both a text message and as an email.   

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