4 Apps for Entrepreneurs

Trying to start up your own business can be mentally and physically exhausting. This is why it is important to utilize apps that can help you schedule and keep track of important tasks. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the top apps for entrepreneurs! 

Group Messenger

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Our latest app, Group Messenger offers a large variety of uses for anyone who is starting or running their own business. You are able to schedule emails or texts that will automatically send to potential clients regarding things such as meeting reminders, payments, etc. It also works as a great marketing tool, allowing you to reach out to as many potential clients as you would like, using both phone numbers and email addresses! This is one of the most cost efficient marketing apps in the iOS app store. 


Slack is a communication app that is perfect for teams of any size. It allows you to set up different “Group Chats” and add different users to different sections. For example you could set up one group called IT and add your IT department into it. Then they can communicate amongst themselves about anything IT related while having a separate channel for anyone in marketing departments. You can also allow other users access to these channels so for example if someone had a technology related question they could ask in it the IT channel and whoever is available can answer. 

It also works very well for virtual teams as it shows the time in their current time zone, and also lets you set your status to different things such as “Away” or “Do not disturb”. 


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Trello is an app/website that I started using last year that I fell in love with. It is a project management tool that allows you to schedule tasks that must be done. It is easy to list the different tasks you have to get done. It is also easy to collaborate with a group, and have multiple people within a project. This means that as people finish certain jobs, they can update the board so that other group members know. It is a great way to ensure you do not forget anything, and complete everything on time! 


HootSuite is an app and website that allows you to schedule social media posts that will automatically post at future times. This is great for trying to break up your posts so you are not posting at the same times each week. It also lets you schedule a post for months in advance so you can prepare any social media posts well in advance. It also is great for posting on weekends or in the evenings once you are out of the office! Hootsuite offers it’s basic package absolutely free and it simple and easy to use.

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