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In today’s world we are more often than ever before seeing companies offer subscription services. Subscription services may not be anything new they are definitely more accessible due to the rise of the internet. 

One of the most popular subscription’s currently available is Netflix. Netflix offers a subscription streaming service and we are now seeing many other companies putting forward their own streaming platforms. For example Apple is releasing Apple TV+, Disney is releasing Disney+, Amazon offers Prime Video.

Apple TV plus viewing
Apple TV plus

Of course many other industries wanted in on subscription services, leading to gaming companies like Microsoft to release “Games for Xbox” where you can subscribe to a large access of games. Ubisoft is offering Ubisoft + which is a similar concept.

Apple seems to have decided to capitalize on the subscription services but have added their own twist. Apple Arcade will allow you to subscribe to a large library of different iOS exclusive games. These games are from many different publishers and developers, including some well respected and well known companies. Some of these publishers include SEGA , Konami, LEGO, and many more!

Apple arcade game example

Many people enjoy mobile games to kill a few minutes while waiting for an appointment, while on public transport or any other time we may have a bit of downtime. However many of us end up frustrated with how many ads and in-game purchases that they have. One of the biggest appeals of Apple Arcade is the fact that none of the games will have any ads or in-game purchases. Once you are subscribed you will be able to play any of the games from their library without worrying about invasive ads or not being able to progress forward due to required in-app purchases.

If you want to find out more about Apple Arcade check out Apples News release!

Apple Arcade on different screens

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