Subscribing to a virtual number

AutoSender and AutoSender Pro Update: Virtual Phone Number

We are excited to announce we have released our most recent version of AutoSender and AutoSender Pro! In this version we have developed a new feature that we cannot wait for our users to see!

In the most recent release we have added a feature that will allow users to subscribe to a virtual number. Our app works by storing your scheduled messages on our cloud server. The message is then automatically sent through a shared number chosen by our server to guarantee the most reliable delivery. Currently this number is not a private number and may be used by anyone else using AutoSender or AutoSender Pro to schedule messages. This is a great way to receive canadian virtual numbers, US virtual numbers, or a virtual messenger for your country.

However, our latest update has added the option to subscribe to receive your own personal number. Once subscribed you will have an option to enter an area code for the area you are located in, then will be able to choose your preferred number from a list of available numbers. The number you chose will then be exclusively reserved for your use unless you end your subscription. Once your subscription ends the message will be available for other users to choose again. Once subscribed you will have the option to choose between sending a message through the cloud number or through your private number.

Subscribing to a virtual number using AutoSender and AutoSender Pro.
Once subscribed to a virtual number you can enter an area code and choose from the available numbers.

To subscribe to a virtual number first you must download and register for the app. You can then click the “Balance” tab and select the “Subscription” button. Then scroll down to the “Private Number subscription” box. You will then be able to choose from a 30 day subscription for $2.99USD, 90 day subscription for $8.49USD. or a yearly subscription for $29.99USD.

AutoSender Subscription page through  AutoSender and AutoSender Pro iOS apps.
The subscription page

If after a message has sent you are unsure if you used the private number or the cloud number you can find out by going to the “History” or “Storage” tab, depending on if you are using AutoSender or AutoSender Pro. From there you can click the “+” on the right side of the message you are curious about. From there you will be able to see the number sent and the amount of credits that were used, along with the exact time it was sent originally.

In our current stage of this feature we are only able to offer the ability to schedule messages or pictures that will then send through the virtual phone number. In the future we hope to be able to add a feature that will allow users to also receive replies from schedule messages to their private number. At this time this feature has not been completed but is something we hope to implement.

If you would like any additional information regarding our private virtual mobile number reach out to us at our support page!

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