Top Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

With the end of the decade coming up so quickly it is time for many of us to decide how we want to improve ourselves in the new year! Whether it be through trying to become healthier, reading/writing more, trying to reduce stress, etc there are plenty of different mobile apps that can help!



AutoSender is our iOS app that allows you to schedule texts that will automatically send messages at any future date or time. It is the perfect app for scheduling time sensitive messages to send exactly when you need them to. You can use it to schedule meeting reminders, appointment reminders, or any other important message. 

AutoSender is a great way to stay on top of birthday texts, holiday wishes and much more! With our new private number subscription you are able to purchase a virtual number that is exclusively yours to use until you end your subscription. With a virtual number you are able to send and receive texts!


ToDoist is an easy to use app that allows you to create lists of different tasks and projects you need to complete. It lets you create different lists and prioritize what items have to be completed first. It lets you easily keep track of what needs to be done and allows you to mark tasks as complete as you finish them. 

This can be useful for trying to organize more time to complete extra activities such as reading/writing, drawing, etc. It is also an easy way to keep track of all your daily tasks to help you stay more organized in 2020. 

Reducing Stress


Feeling stressed or anxious is a normal part of life, and can even help motivate us sometimes. However, many times to much stress can be detrimental to our mental and sometimes even physical health. That is why it is important to actively manage your stress levels. 

Calm is an app that will help you relax, sleep, meditate, and learn deep breathing techniques. Even spending as little as 10-15 minutes daily using the app can help you better manage your stress in the new year.  

Becoming Healthier


An important part of trying to improve your physical health is by eating a healthier diet. Myfitnesspal lets you scan the bar codes of the different food you eat throughout the day, and it will track your nutritional stats for the day. You can use it to pick out realistic goals and keep track of how well you are reaching these goals.

You can also use it to set up fitness goals to have you get more exercise! 


SleepCycle is a great app for anyone who is trying to improve their sleep hygiene in 2020. It lets you track how many hours you sleep per night as well as the quality of the sleep. This is perfect for measuring how well you are actually sleeping each night. 

It is free to use and doesn’t require any external parts such as a fitness tracker or smartwatch, as it instead uses your phones accelerometer. 

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