Using ioS scheduling app to grow your business

How Group Message can help grow your business

Our iOS group message is a messaging app that can be used to schedule both emails and texts that will automatically send at a specific date and time. This can be used to send both emails or text messages in the same scheduled message to as many contacts as you would like.

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Group Message is a powerful app for anyone who is starting or trying to grow their own business. It can be used as both a marketing tool and a great way to reach out to clients and potential clients. 

Using Group Message for a better customer experience. 

Growing your company by providing the best customer experience

For many businesses one of the most important factors is the customer’s experience. You want to ensure they leave happy and satisfied with the service they received to best ensure they will come back again. One of the best ways to get repeat customers is by ensuring they have a memorable experience.  

With Group Message you can schedule things such as follow-up on things they may have purchased from your company, a thank you message, tips on using the product, or any other way to enhance their experience in the market you are in.

Using Group Message as a promotion tool 

Using promotions to grow your business

Group message can can help cut costs and stress when it comes to marketing your new business. As it allows you to schedule messages for future dates you can schedule out promotions or advertisements for weeks or months in advance! 

Since you can schedule both emails and texts through the same message it is easy to schedule message to your full client or promotion list. You can create different groups of customers so you can easily select the group that you want to send a message to! 

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Using Group Message for reminders


Since messages can be scheduled for specific times and sent automatically they are perfect for scheduling reminders to friends and families, whether it is to send someone a reminder about an upcoming meeting you have or an appointment reminder for a service you offer. 

For example if you are running a service business such as a hair salon having people not show up to appointments can quickly add up in missed revenue. With Group message you can have someone give you their phone number or email address when they schedule an appointment, and you can then create a new task with AutoSender that will send them a reminder an hour before the appointment. 

This is a great way to ensure that people do not forget about the appointments and you can include in the message that they must contact you if they can no longer make it.

Not only will this reduce the amount of missed appointments you have it will also give the customers a positive long lasting impression about the service you provide!

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