Top 4 Tech Gadgets to Simplify your life

Fitness Tracker

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A fitness tracker is something you wear on your wrist that allows you to track different aspects of your life. These can range from how much sleep you get at night, how many steps you take throughout the day, how long and intensive your work-outs are, and some can even track your heart-rate! 

They can also help provide things such as notifying you when you receive a text, alerting you when you are getting a call, update you on any weather warning, and much more! 

There are many different versions and brands of fitness trackers out there so it is important to compare which one would work for you while still being within your price range. Some of the most popular include Fitbits, but I also have recently received a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as a gift and am loving it!

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 Smart Home Speaker 

A smart speaker is a device like Google Home or Alexa that can help you manage certain tasks and answer simple questions. For example, if I am trying to set a timer or check the weather I can simply ask my Google Home to do so for me. Most mornings while I am getting ready for work I ask what the weather is like that day so that I can dress appropriately. I haven’t used my oven timer since I moved in since I can have Google set a timer for me. 

Beyond that it can connect to other smart devices you have in your home. I have mine connected to two smart plug-bins and my chromecast. This allows me to turn my television off, turn the lamp off or on, and easily cast shows to my TV all through my Google Home. 

While I personally use Google Home, I know people who were also very happy with Amazon’s Echo Dot with Alexa.

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Streaming Device

As I just mentioned I use my Chromecast with my Google Home whenever I am watching TV. It is very easy to just ask my Google Home to play something from Netflix and it will automatically start playing. 

Even if you don’t have a smart home device a Chromecast can be very convenient if you mostly stream shows or movies. Most streaming services offer an option to easily cast whatever you are watching on to your TV. 

While I use my Chromecast I know a lot of other people actually prefer the Amazon Firestick which works very similar.

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Dash Camera

This one is a little different then the rest of the entries on the list. Instead of making your life a little easier most of the time, it can save you a huge amount of stress and money in specific scenarios.  

Anyone who has spent long enough driving can tell you that there are some drivers out there who absolutely should not have a license, putting everyone on the road at risk. This means that even if you are the most cautious driver in the world, if someone else decides to pull out in front of you last minute you can still end up in an accident. 

If you don’t have a dash cam and there are no witnesses it comes down to hoping the other person is honest about what happens. If they claim to the police they are not at fault it can be very frustrating, time consuming, and expensive trying to prove your innocence. However with A dash camera you can easily pull up the video evidence and prove you are not responsible for the damages! 

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