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Using AutoSender and AutoSender Pro’s New Inbox Feature

In our last article we talked about how we have added an Inbox feature that will allow you to easily receive and send texts through a private second number to AutoSender Pro. We are excited to announce that this new feature is also be available for AutoSender as well!

In this article we want to take a look at some of the ways that the private number inbox can make your life easier! 

Receiving Verification Codes 

When signing up for online websites or apps it is very common practice to have to enter your phone number so that you can receive a verification text to confirm you are a real person. This can be frustrating when signing up for websites or apps that you may not fully trust, as you cannot be sure what they will do with your phone number once they have it. 

With our new inbox feature you are able to enter your private number and receive the verification text directly through the app! This will help prevent your phone number from receiving spam calls.

Using as a Help Chat line 

If you are running your own business or in charge of a company it is often very important to have a way for clients to easily reach you. If you do not feel comfortable giving out your private number, nor do you have a work cell phone, you can use AutoSender’s inbox feature as a help chat line. 

After you subscribe to a virtual number you can post the number online with the explanation that customers can easily send a message to them number to receive assistance with any issues they may be having! This allows you to easily see and respond to any questions, complaints, or feedback that the customers may have. 

Communicating with Co-workers, employees, tenants, etc. 

Often times you may interact with people that need to be able to reach you even though you are not comfortable enough with them to give them your personal number. Whether that be a tenant, a co-worker, your employees, or anyone else that you don’t want to have your personal number. 

With AutoSender’s new inbox feature you can easily give them your private number. While they will not be able to call you at this number, they can still easily send you texts. This is a great way to keep a professional relationship professional. You can even turn off notifications for the app in the evenings if you don’t want to be disturbed after working hours! 

Online Privacy 

There are plenty of different reasons you may end up giving out your phone number to people you meet online. Sometimes it is someone on a dating site that you would like to meet up with, or it may be someone you want to buy or sell something to. Either way, it is always safe to keep your personal phone number private.

By using AutoSender’s second number you are able to text with the person and easily make plans to meet up. This way, if they try to abuse the number by repeatedly texting you it is much easier to cancel your virtual number and purchase a new one!

These are just a few of the ways that the inbox feature can assist you, there are many other potential uses for it!

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