Top Apps for Communication in 2020

This year has changed nearly everything, especially the way we communicate with one another.

Virtual meetings, video calls, conference calls and more have taken over in popularity compared to face to face communication. This allows people to social distance while still being able to communicate with friends, family or work.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best apps for communicating during this pandemic.


Discord is a voice communication app that was originally used mainly by people playing video games, however it has now become a tool that many people use. It allows you to easily voice chat with large groups of people or one on one.

It allows you to create different groups for different communication needs, such as for different departments. It operates as both a messaging and voice chat tool, so can be extremely useful in many different situations. It can be used on both mobile and PC, which allows for extremely flexible use.


Skype is a great communication tool both professionally and personally, as it allows you to video chat or instant instant message, which makes for easy, flexible communication. It can be used on mobile or PC devices and is free and easy to use. 


Autosender is our texting app that allows you to schedule texts for any future date or time. This makes it great for work related tasks as you can schedule reminders or notifications for specific times. You can also create groups for different situations such as different departments.

We also offer private numbers that allow you to choose any available Canadian or US number to send and receive texts. You can access all these features directly through the AutoSender app.

A private number is a great way to communicate for things such as selling or buying things online, online dating or using as a second phone number exclusively for texting. For example if you have a child at home that does not own their own phone but wants to be able text their friends, you can let them use a private number through AutoSender to communicate with their friends.


If you are looking for a communication tool for your business then slack provides a perfect solution.

Slack is an instant messaging application that can be used on both mobile and PC. It allows you to easily communicate with your team either individually or through different group chats. It allows you to create different team chats for different departments so that you can easily communicate with whomever you need to.

It offers a free version with certain limitations as well as paid versions of the app that offer additional features. Slack is  a great option for companies of any size due to its flexibility.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great mix of many different tools, allowing you to instant message people, create group chats, video calls or voice calls. If you are using it for personal reasons it is a great way to reach out to your friends and family, especially as many people are already using Facebook and are already connected to their friends and family through it.

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