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What is a VPN? 

Connect to different countries with the VPN getallconnect
Connect from different IP Addresses with a VPN

It is likely that you have seen the term VPN before, but often times websites completely skip over what a VPN actually is. VPN stands for virtual private network – it is a service that allows you to choose an IP addresses from across the globe. There are many different reasons people choose to use a VPN, whether it be to protect their private information or to access region locked content. Find out why you should try a VPN toady!

Avoiding Personalized Ads

Avoid ads with the help of VPN

It is always off-putting when you just finished searching a product you considered buying (or were even just wondering about) and suddenly you have 5 different ads appearing on your screen for the same or similar products. It really shows how quickly your data is used to try to have you purchase products and how blatant they are about it. 

By using a VPN you will no longer have to worry about such personalized ads as most VPNs will stop sites from obtaining such information. This is also a great way to protect your privacy while online.

Access Region Locked Content

Use GetAllConnect to connect through IP addresses world wide

As you may have seen online the US is planning on banning TikTok which will stop anyone using a United States IP address from accessing the app. This has upset a large number of users who are disappointed they won’t be able to access the app anymore. 

However, thanks to VPNs such as GetAllConnect you are able to change your IP address to somewhere else in the world that does not have a ban against TikTok and you will be able to easily continue using TikTok as you were previously.

Even if the US does not ban TikTok this time around – it has been shown that they will ban apps that don’t comply with their security standards. This means that they could potentially ban other apps in the future – so it is best to be prepared with a VPN just in case.

Increased Security 

Increase your online security with the VPN GetAllConnect!

One of the greatest advantages of a VPN is the increased security that it brings. Since you are using a private connection you have an extra layer of security for your personal information. This means that information like your IP address, location, name, email address, passwords, etc, are harder for scammers to get.

Knowing that someone has access to this private information is a horrible feeling and I personally do everything I can to keep my information secure.  Not only do you feel violated when someone has access to things such as your email, it is a major inconvenience to have to get access back to all your accounts and to make sure they didn’t get any financial information.

Try a free VPN – GetAllConnect

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There are plenty of VPNs out there to choose from, however most of them require payment of some sort. That is why I recommend “”. It is a free, easy to use VPN that you can set up on your PC or mobile device. It even offers easy to understand step-by-step help instructions on how to set the VPN up.

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