Top Apps for Protecting your Online Privacy


While passwords are necessary to ensure all your private information is locked to anyone who is not you, it can be extremely frustrating to remember what password you used for which account. This is why 1Password is great, it allows you to keep track of all the different passwords you have.

Even more than that though, it provides an incredible layer of security. Many people use the same password for each of their accounts. While this may seem like the easier way to manage passwords, it can be extremely dangerous. If someone gets access to that password, they are then able to get into any other account that uses the same password and username/email address. This is why 1Password generates secure passwords for each of your accounts, providing them each with an extra layer of security. 


Protect your Online privacy with GetallConnect - the Free VPN

One of the best ways to protect your online privacy is through a virtual private network (VPN). As VPN’s allow you to connect online through different I.P addresses across the globe, they provide an extra level of security while browsing the internet. Protecting your private information such as your name, email addresses, home addresses, etc. 

Personally, the best free VPN I’ve used is GetAllConnect. It is easy to set up on any device and is free to use. With a fair variety of different regions to choose from, clean design, and simplicity to use, GetAllConnect is a top VPN contender. 

AutoSender Pro

Protect your phone number with AutoSender Pro.

One of the most commonly asked for pieces of information through the internet is your phone number. Whether you are buying or selling online, creating a new account, or even signing up for an email address you will most likely be prompted to enter a phone number. Unfortunately, receiving spam calls and texts is a very common issue.

With AutoSender Pro you are able to purchase a private number that can be used to send and receive messages. This means you are able to use your private number for receiving verification codes, communicating with buyers/sellers online, internet dating, etc.

This way, if something happens and someone you don’t want to contact you gets your phone number, it will not be your personal one. Instead, it will be a private number you can unsubscribe from. This makes it perfect for signing up for any program or sites that you may not fully trust yet. 


Protect your financial information with PayPal.

With a large amount of purchases happening online it is common to enter your credit card on a variety of different sites. While most sites are often well secured and take great care with your banking information, there are always potential chances that your payment information could get compromised. 

This is why PayPal can provide a great alternative through any website that supports PayPal payments. When you create a PayPal account you will link your payment information directly into the account. You can then use your PayPal account to pay for any online purchases that allow PayPal payment.

This means instead of every company you purchase through having your credit card information, it will only be needed by PayPal. This can greatly reduce your chance of your financial information being compromised. 

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