Are You Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Daily Life?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When many people think about artificial intelligence a picture of human-like robots appear in their heads. Even searching online for images for artificial intelligence, pictures of humans robots are among the first images. Of course, that is one potential aspect of AI, but there are plenty more common uses for AI.

AI is not just about robots that can talk and act as humans. It is the prospect of technology learning in the same way humans and animals do. In other words, it is about programs that can learn from their own experiences and draw their own conclusions. When people think about artificial intelligence they think of advanced technology that they do not ever interact with. When in reality, many people use AI technology every day. One example is through their email’s spam filter.

Common Uses for Artificial intelligence 


Spam Filters

Some email providers such as Gmail use AI technology to help filter out spam messages that you would receive and put them right into your spam filter. While some email providers may just use preset algorithms to determine if an email is spam. Providers such as Gmail use AI technology to filter out spam. Using AI for this allows for a much more reliable system, as spammers are constantly evolving. AI technology allows the spam filter to learn how to spot a spam email.


Facial Recognition

Another program that people use that many people may not recognized as AI is facial recognition software on platform such as Facebook or through their phones. If you have ever used a program that scans through your photos and tags each person in every image. These facial recognition programs use AI to help them determine who is currently on the screen. This is done by learning what these people’s feature looks like, and then tagging or sorting them accordingly. Another popular program that uses artificial intelligence facial recognition is Snapchat. To help their filters recognize faces they use AI technology.


You may also notice that after watching certain shows or movies on Netflix, Netflix will then make recommendations based on what it is you have been watching. This is done through the use of a simple artificial intelligence. The AI takes in account what you have been watching and compares it with other shows that are similar. Programs such as Spotify apply the same principle.  Spotify suggest’s music related to what you have been listening too, or to build a playlist for you.


Of course, the AI we looked at in this article are just a few examples of how we use AI in our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is used in many different industries. A few examples would include video games that have some sort of enemy AI, self-driving cars that use advanced AI, and banks that use AI for fraud checks.  AI is still a growing technology and while it can include human like robots,  it is also a way to make our lives easier.


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