Virtual Receptionist

The Virtual Receptionist

When you are part of a small company, it is easy to get overwhelmed within your work. Many people find themselves missing important phone calls, but cannot justify hiring a receptionist for their companies full time. It may be due to limit space in the office, or due to a budgeting concern that you may not want to hire a full time receptionist. This is where a virtual receptionist can help out.

With a virtual receptionist you can utilize voice recognition and artificial intelligence to allow a computer to interact with anyone who may call in. The Virtual Receptionist can be personalized to offer solutions to match your office set up. This means if you need to have a local virtual receptionist or remote, it can be set up. It can even be setup for multi-site location if you have several offices.

With the virtual receptionist call in conversations will be recorded on the virtual machine and then can be stored permanently for any future needs. This significantly decreases the risk of missing an important call, and the virtual receptionist will never need a sick day or a day off! This means you do not have to worry about finding a temporary replacement for vacations. This will ensure your company has that professional feel, as any incoming calls will be answered quickly and professionally.

If you are interested in giving our virtual receptionist a try, you can contact us here If you would like to view some additional information on our virtual receptionist, click here.

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