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How to Stay Motivated with the Help of Technology

Motivation is what has made the world we live in the way it is today. It is motivation of some sort that has lead to almost every new technology that is created. Whether it is motivation to be successful, motivation to make life easier, or even just motivation for money, motivation is the root of discovery and improvement.


That being said, it can be hard to stay motivated. It is all too easy to ignore any studying, work, or cleaning that needs to be done after a long day and instead just crashing down on the couch and lose hours mindlessly scrolling through your phone. So instead of just telling you just to turn your phone off and get it done, we are going to take a look at how technology can help you stay motivated to get those things done.

Listen to music

As a person who loves music, everything is so much better once I start playing some music while doing it. Either connect your phone to some speakers, throw in some headphones, or just play it through your phone speaker; put on your favorite song/album/playlist/artist, turn it up and get to work.


Trello is an app that we have talked about before on our news page, but it’s worth mentioning again. With the ability to easily make a to-do list that you can access on mobile or PC is great. It is also very convenient to move a task to the next day if you do not have a chance to complete it before the day’s over. Knowing what needs to be done, and seeing things get checked off as you finish more tasks is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Earn breaks with Flora

Flora is a simple app that lets you plant a tree for a specific time interval. This could be something like 25 minutes to 2 hours if you would like. What will happen is you then “plant” a virtual seed that will grow during that time. If you open your phone before the tree is fully grown (when the timer is over) it will die. Using this app set 25 minute intervals, get as much work done in that time as possible, then once the tree if fully grown take a 5 minute break. Now this may sound like a silly idea, but I find it really works for making sure I do not check my phone.

Track your Sleep

One of the most important part of staying motivated is having the energy to remain positive. As once you start viewing everything in a negative light it is all too easy to get discouraged. It is hard to remain positive when you are half asleep and can barely open your eyes. Many apps offer the ability to track your sleep patterns, or if you have any sort of fitness tracker or smart watch they should be able to do it as well. Keep track of how much sleep you are getting every night and you will most likely notice a strong correlation between the nights you went to sleep early and how well you are feeling the next day.


While being motivation is a great start for getting something done, you also have to have discipline. If you lack discipline you may be able to get yourself motivated for few days, but may run out of steam. If you gain discipline you will find it much easier to stick to a schedule and get things done.

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