Best iPhone app for Parents

Helpful Apps for Parents

Many us of struggle every day trying to drag ourselves out of bed, get ready for the day and go to work. In the morning I can barely keep my own eyes open, I cannot imagine how it must feel for those who are also trying to get their children up and ready for the day!

Thanks to advancements in technology there are many different options that are able to offer a wide variety of different apps and devices for anyone with kids, such as:

Baby Sleep Sounds

Baby Sleep Sounds App

This is one for any parents of babies that are finding them constantly being kept up all night because they were trying to get their kid(s) to sleep. Baby Sleep Sounds offers some great tips and plenty of different lullabies, sounds, and even animations! It seems very helpful in helping you get a good night’s rest.


Kids Messenger app AutoSender

With AutoSender you can very easily prepare your message or pictures to be scheduled to set at any date and time you would like in the future. Anyone with kids who are old enough to own a cellphone may find this app extremely useful. Anytime you will be home late, or they are not home and you need to send them reminders like remember to brush your teeth, you can simply schedule the message and hit set. Once the time you chose comes the message will send automatically by itself. This is extremely useful for anyone who is on a busy schedule.

Sleep Cycle

Schedule SMS app

As many people struggle trying to get enough sleep every night, and spend so much of their lives exhausted, it is important to ensure kids learn good sleep hygiene. Sleep Cycle will allow them to actually track how much sleep they are getting each night. This can help them realize that days when they are feeling tired, it is actually directly related to the fact that they stayed up to late. This is very useful to help start your children on a healthy sleep schedule from an early age. 

Baby Connect (Activity Log)

Child App

Baby Connect is an app that lets you track the growth and development for your child. It is very helpful for making sure your child is still developing at a healthy rate. It is especially useful for anyone who considers themself a worrier, as this app can help you find some much needed stress relief.

While raising kids is not an easy task, it can be a very rewarding experience, and through technology you can make it a little bit easier!

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