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Best Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers

The Holidays are a stressful time of the year for most people, and trying to find the right gift for everyone can be extremely stressful of a situation. we are going to take a look at some of the top gifts you could give this holiday year for any tech fans.

Under 25

Long charging cords

Have you ever had a moment where you were charging your phone while using it in bed, and when you go to roll over you accidently rip the plug out of the wall. It is an incredibly frustrating feeling. That is why I always recommended looking into getting the longest quality charge you can find. The feeling of freedom that hits you when you are able to roll any way you like while charging your phone without worry is undescribable, I believe it must be comparable to how birds must feel the first time they are able to fly through the sky.

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Under 50

Google Home Mini / Amazon Echo

Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day, kicking your shoes off, and just collapsing on the couch and turning on the TV. If you combine a Google home with a chromecast you can simply ask Google to play any show from Netflix. While I assume other smart home devices like Amazon Echo can offer the same type of support, but as I have never used one I cannot say for certain.

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Power Brick

I remember when I was camping with a few of my friends last summer, and all of our phones were getting close to dying by the second day. We were discussing going to charge our phones across the campground in the bathrooms, when one of my friends disappeared into their tent and came back a few moments later holding a portable power brick. So while the rest of us had to go across the campground and charge our phones while waiting around the bathroom, that one friend just got to lay around our campsite, charging his phone in comfort.

A portable charger can be a life savour, and anyone you know who likes to go for hikes, or camping, etc may just think this is the perfect gift .  

Under 100

Bluetooth headphones

I recently bought a pair of bluetooth headphones and they are incredibly convenient. Being able to plug your headphones into your ears and not have to worry about a cord dangling all over the place is astonishing. This is a gift that may be perfect if you need a gift for anyone who is into music and doesn’t currently have a pair.  

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Over 200

A robotic vacuum  

Personally for me the coolest gift I can think of is a robotic vacuum. The little robotic devices will drive themselves through your house sucking up any dirt or crumbs they run over. This is also especially useful for people with animals(assuming they will not break it) as it can make a huge improvement in keeping the amount of fur under control.

Robotic vacuum

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