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2 Easy Tips to Speed up Your Old Computer

A few weeks ago we took a look at how you could speed up older iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. This week, we will take a look at some easy tricks and trips that may help speed up any old computer, Mac or Windows.

Anyone whose used an aging computer knows the painful process of clicking on something and waiting for what feels like eternity with your fingers crossed just hoping it loads. It can be easy to get frustrated enough with your machine that you may day dream about throwing it across the room; but since that is never the best option, give these tips a try first:

Manage Your Storage

One of the most common issues that older computers suffer from is being packed full of program and files, half of which may not even get used anymore. Things such as caches, apps, plugins, logs, trash, and large unneeded files can all contribute to the issue.

By removing many of these excess files and programs you are helping speed up your computers memory, so it should be able to handle tasks quicker. This is especially true if your hard drive is very close to being full. This is a tip that should work both for a mac computer or a Window’s computer. There are many programs you can use to clean up your computer, but I would recommend taking a look through your files manually first. If you do decide to get a program to clean it, make sure you do your homework and it is one you trust.

Personalize Your Startup Programs

Everytime you turn on your computer, the same set programs will launch. This can cause not only the computer taking an extended time to power on, but can actually launch extra programs that will slow your computer down.

On a mac you should be able edit what programs start automatically by going to System Preferences, and selecting Users & Groups. Then click on your username/computer name, then on Login Items. Look through the list until you find programs you do not need as soon as your computer is on, and click the “” button. On windows it depends what operating system you are using.

While I have never used this tip for a mac before, I have tested it with a windows PC and it speed up my device significantly, especially upon startup!

Other Options

These are of course just a couple quick suggestions on how to bring some life into your old computers. There are plenty of other options out there such as turning off visual effects, getting more storage, using different programs, or making sure your system is up to date.

Hopefully with these tips you will find a noticeable increase in how quick your computer is moving, and will feel less like wanting to drop kick it through a window.

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