How AutoSender Pro can help you Become Less Stressed

Most of us have found ourselves overwhelmed and stressed at times in our lives. Whether it’s work, school, romantic interest, or anything else, there is always something to worry about! That is why AutoSender Pro works great for helping you worry less about forgetting anything!

Never forget to wish some one a personal greeting on their special day!

One stressful/embarrassing experience that occurs commonly is when you forgot to wish someone a special greeting on an important day! For example forgetting to send your mom a card on Mothers day, or forgetting to wish your friend a happy birthday.

When using AutoSender Pro this is not something that should have to worry you. As you can simply schedule all of the special events you need to send messages for right on your phone! It is quick and easy to schedule a message to send at any future time or date, and you can choose from our pre designed eCards or upload your own designs! So you can spend an hour or so going through and scheduling all your Birthday wishes, Holiday greetings, or any other important messages for the next week, month, or even year if you would like!

A Fathers day eCard you can schedule directly from AutoSender Pro!

Send out meeting reminders to ensure everyone is there and on time.

Another great way to use AutoSender to simplify your life is by scheduling meeting requests or reminders for any future meetings. To schedule a reminder simply schedule a message to send 30 minutes before the arranged meeting time, that way if they forgot or are running late they can let you know! Not only does this notify them, you also get a notification stating the message has been sent, so it works as a personal reminder as well. This also works great for anyone running a business where they need to remind clients of appointments such as doctor appointments, hair appointments, etc.

A few of the preset text options provided by AutoSender Pro

Schedule messages that will send even if your phone dies!

Not only is AutoSender Pro great for sending reminders it is also very useful for anytime you will be unable to use your phone, or your phone is going to die. Since AutoSender stores the messages on our server, if you schedule a message before your phone dies, it will still send out at that exact time! So if you are running late and your phone is close to dying, simply schedule any important messages and schedule them to send and once that time comes, the messages will send even if your phone is off!

Schedule messages before your phone dies so that they will still send!

If you are interested in downloading AutoSender Pro, you can purchase it at the Apple App Store.

You can also try AutoSender basic for free! It does not offer all the features of Pro. For example as it does include eCards, only has the ability to schedule 1 image rather then multiple, etc.

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